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Reiki: A B​log About the Beauty


Reiki has it's roots firmly growing into 2017

Posted on 10 January, 2017 at 3:35 Comments comments (39)

     Reiki has had a powerful impact on life & the healing of beings on our planet from it's inception. It's roots have delved deeply into every culture it has been introduced to.  In truth all things teeter on the brink of extinction, yet some wisdom, knowledge & ancient techniques survive to move forward against seemingly impossible circumstances & odds to continue to bring forth a light with it that shines kindness, refreshment & help.
     As surely as Usui & his teacher's moved Reiki forward within their cultural bounds, it was destined to reach further than those borders & shores to come to distant lands & thrive & grow anew. Reiki continues to expand  strongly, & is quite firmly established by it's own merits in 2017 all over this planet. I am excited to see the mainstream of people gaining an acute awareness of this ancient wisdom which like a baton that is being passed from one teacher to a new student & from a person who has a need met by Reiki who then shares that good news with another who is in need. Gone forever are the days when Reiki can be scoffed at as being unsubstantial or of no consequence. It is no longer shrouded in complete mystery & considered quackery or occultist.The proof is in the pudding as they say & the science is catching up to it's benefits & aids. Welcome to 2017 Reiki, may you prosper & grow...