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Reiki: A B​log About the Beauty


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Reiki is an Effective Way for Seeking Guidance

Posted on 23 June, 2020 at 14:20 Comments comments (4)

     During these past days as we are navigating a new way of living that seems to be limiting the possibilities available to us, I have found that Reiki has helped me to connect to the limitless amount of opportunities & possibilities that are in & around me at all times. 
     As I have been seeking new ways for me to go about my life, I have felt thankful & grateful that I can engage in my practice with Reiki as I seek the gentle guidance I require.        I have learned that making adjustments to my life on a daily basis  as we all do, always smooths out when I take time to ensure that I am being calmly objective, & in tune to my intuition.
     Everyday we all have a massive amount of data before us & situations we are facing which need our attention. For me sorting through the data & discarding what is not helpful, & weighing in on my core values as they apply to my decisions is a major factor for everything I encounter. From meeting the people who come into my life, to how to manage a business situation, the quietness I find within my practice helps me find the guidance I need.    
     Invitation is all that is needed to have Reiki come & help smooth the path we are on at any given moment. Sometimes the path opens up before us in a subtle way showing us the direction needed but  because of the subtleties we may well miss that direction as a divine source of counsel.  However, if we can stop & to tune in to our guidance system, we can then recognize what is being presented to us. Whether the answers we seek are subtle or obvious it is always easier to reflect on them from a place of quiet. Reiki can help to bring that space to listen.  Blessings, Marla Dawn


Reiki is a helping hand in times of fear & distress

Posted on 19 March, 2020 at 7:20 Comments comments (8)

     As I watched the updates from the Centre for Disease Control regarding the Corona Virus pandemic that has taken the world by storm, I felt the dismal, fearful energy seep like a vapour from the screen I was watching the announcements on, into my room & slowly settle over me. The words that were meant to reassure & calm me, did not have the desired effect on my mind & heart, instead it threatened to steal my security & all feelings of peace from me. 
     I spent my day off & on trying to regain my equilibrium, constantly managing my thoughts & the subsequent emotions they brought. I had to work to regain my mental & emotional balance. The very real threat that the virus brings is changing the population & challenging life on our planet without a doubt. The fear, panic & stress is burdensome & crippling as we are all eye witnesses of & the mass hysteria seen on the news & social media through out the world is startling. Watching it unfold, day after day, is bringing another form of devastation. The degrading of our immune systems, as well as our inner peace, our joy & our strength.
     I realized that all my efforts to mitigate the risks & the emotional damage control efforts I was engaged in, were consuming my energy & creating yet another issue within me to deal with. The issue was the loss of freedom I had previously had to enjoy my life. I had spent my entire day consciously dragging my mind from peering into some terrible imaginary future back into the present moment & then occasionally falling  head first into the past to ruminate on historical plagues. I felt as though I had time traveled all day & was thoroughly exhausted by it all.
     I determined I needed a plan, designed by me, for me, as a guidance system I could use to navigate this time we are in. I spent a couple hours & nailed down what I thought would be a decisive, safe & reasonable outline, which left me feeling much better than I had all day. 
     Yet the foreboding feeling seemed to have overtaken me in a way I couldn't put my finger on, meditating seemed strenuous & I knew that the only solution I could readily grasp right then was to lie down & administer Reiki to myself. I decided I would complete a whole body session & began at the top of my head, changing my hand positions intuitively. Within minutes I began to experience the warm, gentle, reassuring energy begin to wash away the leftover fear & anxiety of the day. As I continued to allow Reiki to flow through my hands into my body, my energy slowly started to shift, my mind began to release its grip on my body & my emotions smoothed while my breathing became relaxed. I found myself falling into an easy meditation where I began to reconnect to my core & the shattered energy was replaced with a cohesiveness that soothed me. When I was finished my session, I felt grateful & thankful for having the ability to lend myself a helping hand when I needed it. I did not need to go anywhere, I had direct access. A simple lifeline.
     So many times in my life since being introduced to Reiki, I have experienced the same restfulness, & restorative outcome as a result of bringing Reiki to myself or others. Reiki has proven to be invaluable every time, in every situation that I have accessed it. 
     I pray that you be encouraged in these times, that you can create a plan that will guide you with the help of our medical advisors & that we can engage in wholesome & uplifting ways to support & care for one another. My  thoughts are with everyone as we join hearts at this moment in time. With love & blessings, Marla Dawn

Calming the Raging Storms of Stress with Reiki

Posted on 10 September, 2019 at 14:35 Comments comments (13)
I have recently been through a tumultuous 2 year period both personally & in my business life. Designing & building a new home, restructuring my business affairs, managing some health issues, as well as feeling the deep loss of a close personal friend, brought many challenges, responsibilities & what seemed a never ending barrage of needs, which I found myself under equipped to handle.  

I realized at a particularly overwhelming point in time, that although I could not be an expert in every field needed in business, or replace the hole left by the loss of a loved one, snap my fingers to come up with an answer to health issues & questions, I could rely on the Life Force Energy of Reiki. 

I consciously reached out to myself in a meditative way, setting aside precious little 15 minute & half hour times where I could retreat to allow Reiki to revitalize me through my self administered Reiki sessions. It was as if I had forgotten the path home to myself in all the busyness while juggling all the demands made on my time & resources. I realized I needed to refill my energy reserves & restore my ability to sort through & prioritize my time. Reiki proved to be the counter balance, clearing my vision, soothing my anxiety, & continuously working its unseen magic. 

 Once I began to incorporate a regular daily Reiki practice, as I had done before getting so busy, I found my coping skills & mechanisms began to reveal themselves in novel & refreshed ways. I was still in need of acquiring new skills, management techniques & a new network of people to help me with what I did not know how to do, however the crushing pressure I had been experiencing began to lessen & I had a renewed confidence in my ability to seek out for myself what was needed for my daily journey. We all possess areas we have developed in our personal & business lives that we have become adept at, yet there are other areas we venture into only to find we are at a total loss of how to deal with what presents itself, at even a basic level of competency. In these times, as I continue on my way, Reiki continues to be my companion, it is always available at a moments notice. No appointment needed. Namaste' 

Reiki has it's roots firmly growing into 2017

Posted on 10 January, 2017 at 3:35 Comments comments (39)

     Reiki has had a powerful impact on life & the healing of beings on our planet from it's inception. It's roots have delved deeply into every culture it has been introduced to.  In truth all things teeter on the brink of extinction, yet some wisdom, knowledge & ancient techniques survive to move forward against seemingly impossible circumstances & odds to continue to bring forth a light with it that shines kindness, refreshment & help.
     As surely as Usui & his teacher's moved Reiki forward within their cultural bounds, it was destined to reach further than those borders & shores to come to distant lands & thrive & grow anew. Reiki continues to expand  strongly, & is quite firmly established by it's own merits in 2017 all over this planet. I am excited to see the mainstream of people gaining an acute awareness of this ancient wisdom which like a baton that is being passed from one teacher to a new student & from a person who has a need met by Reiki who then shares that good news with another who is in need. Gone forever are the days when Reiki can be scoffed at as being unsubstantial or of no consequence. It is no longer shrouded in complete mystery & considered quackery or occultist.The proof is in the pudding as they say & the science is catching up to it's benefits & aids. Welcome to 2017 Reiki, may you prosper & grow...

Living Life in a Shame free, Guilt free, & Blame Free way.

Posted on 18 November, 2015 at 4:00 Comments comments (27)

     Growing up, we inevitably all learn to some degree, to feel guilt & shame surrounding our likes & dislikes, our decisions, our thoughts & viewpoints as well as our behaviours & habits. We have learned from teachers, peers & family members, spiritual shepherds & the media, that to live, think or be different from the expectations they & our own unique cultures are relaying to us, is to fail, to fall short of a mark somehow & we begin to be manipulated by these thoughts & start taking on disabling feelings of guilt & shame. 
     Feeling guilty & shameful is a different feeling than we have when we feel sorry for something we may have thoughtlessly said or done, & which draws us to a place of making a situation right with another. Guilt & shame come as relentless, self negating shadows that are seemingly ever with us.
     When guilt & shame become our companions, they implant in us a desire to escape their awful grip. The tendencies to blame others can become an outlet we use to defer these feelings which have settled into our lives. Blaming can become a coping mechanism to make ourselves feel better about the mental & emotional state we find ourselves in. We may begin finding faults with others who don't meet up to the expectations we have of them & the cycle we have unconsciously learned continues to perpetuate itself.
     Falling into being critical or assigning blame to others, causes our focus to become external which leads our view away from ourselves, instead of embracing out own internal existence. The result is not the healing of our own feelings of guilt & shame, but rather a lessening of our self awareness of them because we are focusing on someone else.
   This self created drama we are now playing front & center in, although done completely unaware, moves us toward not just feeling guilty & shameful, but angry & resentful towards ourselves &  others as well.
     If we can take the time to be still & look inward, discovering where these feelings have actually originated, we can begin to make sense of our personal storyline & consciously choose a new way of responding when faced with these feelings. This exploration of our inner landscape in regards to guilt & shamefulness can enable us to begin discarding the old mental programming & constructs & embark on disarming guilt, shame & blame with new patterns of thinking & behaving.
     When we choose gentler, truth based inner responses we will find the kindness we are extending to ourselves will flow outward to others & soften our feelings & expectations towards them as well.
     We break out of the old & into the fresh new beginning we are offered with each moment. The Buddha said," Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most." With mindfulness & the act of lovingly tending to our inner garden where our true selves, our very being resides, we can embark on pulling out the weeds of guilt, shame & blame, changing our outer world & helping others grow & flourish as well. When we begin to chip away at guilt & shame we create less mental, emotional & physical pain for ourselves & inflict less on others & this wonderful world we live on.    Namaste'     Marla Dawn